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CREATIONS by and with Erika Webe 





On Creation 2024-25

 A storm clown piece about existence and its boundaries between Life, Death, Life, where depression, madness, manipulation, trauma and hope are experienced in a sensory way.

The character, Caracola, who has been deaf to her own story, feels dead inside and is looking for a way to come back to life.


How can we become an orchestra?

   Performance mixing clown,              music, mime and                        contemporary circus.


A creation from 2018  

The challenge : to be play everywhere

LAUGHING, a life's breathing

The proposal is to come and play the PERFORMANCE and also give a CLOWN WORKSHOP FOR ADULTS

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A clownish poem, do you remeber where you come from? Between earth and a vertical rope

An oniric clown performance piece presented until the pandemic.

Corporeal dramatic mime,  Acrobatical theatre with objects & Organic Movement in the Air

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Co-creations: Transdisciplinary perspective

by collectives experiences 

     *Click on the titles for knowing more:


Vibration by vibration, a dream where poets meet

Une fable thé


A company looking for a land of freedom

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The Border

Why are we going over the unknown?

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     Why are you           scare of the cold wind                     if it is the only who              carress your face?

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the women state abyss 

Some creations from before :

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A theatrical absurde fable


Quatre clowns 

en quête d'océan

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The birth of a city from its soul and the king

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Travellers between time and space

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quand la rage nous fait bouger autrement

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Unions libres à prix libre
Free Unions at free price
1, 2, 3...Nature

Storytellers through movement and words, Cyclarts, octobre 2021,  Paris.

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About women memory, march 2021,  Paris.

De Berenis Circus
De Berenis Circus
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