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p r ! T U A L

ON CREATION 2024 - 2025


A storm clown piece about existence and its boundaries between Life, Death, Life, where depression, madness, manipulation, trauma and hope are experienced in a sensory way. The character, Caracola, who has been deaf to her own story, feels dead inside and is looking for a way to come back to life.

April 2024 - PR!TUAL First Residency at Gothenbourg. In collaboration with Gathenhielmska heritage and cultural house, Theatre ACTA, European Union and Goethe Institut

This piece is part of the R&D Project Cultural Fabrics, where we aim to create bridges of visual communication and common understanding between hearing and deaf people, while also fostering a new encounter with oneself and one's own internal senses.

Just as we have 5 external senses, we consider the internal ones ( as five fingers on one hand and five on the other = 10).


This project comprises various parts and stages, and we are a network of deaf and hearing artists working together.

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