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Born in 1990 in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, at  the south of the world, Erika Webe is                      deciphering her way.

 Actually she continues her artistic formation at 3rd year of the International School of Dramatic Corporal Mime in Paris, she takes part of the swedish-english company 'Collective Moves', the french company 'Cyclarts', the clown european company 'Ship of Fools' and she presents her owns creations as  'Caracola'. 

She collaborates, since 2021, in independant cinema as a corporel actress, 'Kaparen' and 'Frozen Waterfalls' (Sweden), and she participates in other artistical transdisciplinarity projects.

Actually she's also cocreating with Isabel Lagos Firma as screenwriter of the film 'Theatre State', and in the construction and developpment of the visual concept 'Gestual Cinema'.

She choose and lives the way of clown and corporal theater as means of expression, combinating, searching and creating through aerial acrobatics, corporal mime, dance, music  silence, presence, absence.


"Existing as a clown in a frenetic society is going against the tide, its learning to give time to details  so they can be  alive as well.

Existing as a clown is perceiving the absurd in the present, its dancing in a logic other and with an open look and a soul able to listen. It is an invitation to the illusion of a poetical, chaotically and out of time universe."

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