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Erika Webe borns in 1990 at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Clown, mime, performer, aerial acrobat, actress, dramaturge, director, choreographer and anthropologist.

From 2012 until 2018 she travels between South America and Europe with circus companies as “De Berenis Circus” playing in Between dexterity and catastrophe, Sarasa, Once upon…

In 2018 she creates, with Jean Méningue as director, her first solo clown called PRR !, and the street theatre performance CaraMva. The same year she went to live in Paris, where she actually lives, to study at the International school of corporeal mime, the EIMCD.

From 2020 she takes part of the swedish-english company “Collective Moves”, where she develops the european circus project called Libertalia and the corporeal-lyriques performances of Frozen Waterfall. She has also been part of the clown crew Ship of Fools ; and from 2021, she is a member of the french company “Espuma”.

In 2021 she collaborates as corporeal actress with the “Kollectif Revange” in Sweden for the film Pirates from the Futur; she takes part in the absurd theater piece Adam and in different transdisciplinarity performances, also as director.

In 2022 she ends the EIMCD writing Intangibles Mountains, her tesis, about a creation’s path through transdisciplinarity.

Actually, she is developping the form and language of the feature film THEATRE STATE where she is screenwriter together  with Isabel Lagos. A gestural comedy in collaboration with deaf actors wich incorporates sign language and it combination with gestural composition.

She is also corporeal director assistant of the performance Amor Fati from Joel Heiras about Parkinson illness.

And she starts to develop with Miriam Kundt the project "Friction" in neuropsychiqtrics. The proposal is to give gestural theatre tools for creating theatre pieces togethet that can be shared in hospitals and through a documentary 


Erika Webe chooses and lives the way of clown, she believes in poetic universes as invitations to each person to dream, as a surreal pause with oneself and beauty when shared.

Existing as a clown in a frenetic society is going against the tide,

its learning to give time to details  so they can be  alive as well.

Existing as a clown is perceiving the absurd in the present,

its dancing in a logic other and with an open look

and a soul able to listen.

It is an invitation to the illusion of a poetical,

chaotically and out of time universe.

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