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Amor fati

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"It seems like I've always known I shall travel with the deep vibration while I change shape, shade by shade”.

Based on the symptoms of the disease, a world is created to explore, a theme to gather around. Joel invites others to participate in the work's scenic atmosphere and environment, to meet in intertwining with the world of the project, in co-creation. The work is framed by a composed soundscape of birdsong and music, the improvisational flow of the musicians creates a groove in interaction with the scenic actions; movement/dance, words, song. The expression moves freely between concrete and abstract, where the meaning does not obey the logic of reason. It is a dreamlike aesthetic through which we create a gap between action and intelligibility - in communication - that opens up for the viewer's imagination to interact and interpret.


Photos par Kerstin Ehrnlund @kiit77.


A sound world of birds, an image.

A discovery of this world. A body that shakes.

How does a shaking hand become a living bird?

How does the body become a communicative event? When am I in charge?

When do I follow?

Form and flow, simplicity and attention to the present, without pretense

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Assistante - mise en scène corporelle d'Amor Fati

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