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prr !

Clownesque Poem

Caracola enters with her suitcase, from which a phone dangles incessantly ringing. She falls, the suitcase falls, and from the moment she opens it, an intimate show unfolds, inviting exploration of elements that prompt introspection.

An ode to our own "nature" through earth, branches, leaves, and a smooth rope.

Between essentiality and surrealism, suspended in time, unfolds this corporeal and musical poem:

  • Corporeal, blending body mime techniques from Decroux, ground and aerial acrobatics, and clowning.

  • Musical, engaging in continuous dialogue with the music created simultaneously with the corporeal scores by Andrea Maracci.

Estimated Duration: 50 minutes.

Target Audience: All audiences.

Teaser realised at november 2020 at Teatro Nuovo di Pisa,

by Simone Tognarelli.

Complete video, link by e-mail.

  Dramaturgy corporal composition and interpretation : Erika Webe

 Direction : Jean Ménigault dit Méningue

Musical Composition : Andrea Maracci

 Scenic collaboration : Giovanni Balzaretti

      'PRR! trhough Photographies' and Vidéo by Juan Carlos Poblete, 

August 2019, Gothenbourg Fringe Festival, Sweden.

 Début :


Video made by Anna Lugnani at Théâtre Casale Maritimo, at november 2018, in Tuscany, Italy .


CARA A CARA born in the autumn of 2018 in Tuscany, Italy, at the Art Montevaso Theater, co-created with Jean Méningue as director.

Why? Because it is necessary to give ourselves "another time" to remind us of what we are at our core.

In the eternal quest for "simplicity," an "extraordinary" situation takes shape: PRR!

Starting from the principle: "We are Earth."

A return to the roots to invite each spectator to awaken their senses and rediscover their own "essence."

Why? Because it is necessary to give ourselves "another time" to remind us of who we are at our core.

Caracola is, for me, a metamorphosis, my way of expressing myself to the world, and speaking through a body not limited by language boundaries.

In the winter of the same year, the creation continues, as a co-production between the 'Teatro del Sottosuolo' Association (Sardinia) and 'Espuma' (France).

In the spring, the first performances take place in Bégude de Mazenc, France, and at the Milano Clown Festival, Italy. And, two new artistic collaborations are born: the creation of the 'Mask - Leaf' with Giovanni Balzaretti at 'La Bottega delle Maschere' in Livorno, and the creation of the Music and Gestural Dramaturgy of the show with Andrea Maracci at 'Progetto Slip Torino', recorded at 'Sunny Side Studios'.

In the summer of 2019, an extraordinary European tour followed the creation, and PRR! was presented at festivals in Italy, Germany, and Sweden, where the show was named "best scenic adaptation" at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival.

  • Touring with Caracola 2019 -

  • June 22 at 'Artnight,' Venice, Italy.

  • June 30 at 'Peuples Liées,' Poet Laval, France.

  • July 5 & 6 at 'Recanati Art Festival,' Recanati, Italy.

  • August 17 & 18 at 'Kultur auf der Straße,' Germany.

  • August 22-24 at 'Kronhuset,' Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • August 28 - September 1 at 'Gothenburg Fringe Festival,' Sweden. In the same city, Erika Webe, as Caracola, was invited to perform in the company "Pirates du Futur," which also enriched the creation and imagination of the show.

A new European tour had been planned for June 2020, but the pandemic arrived, and it couldn't take place. Finally, in October, PRR! was scheduled to be performed in various cities in Italy, but at that time, a new lockdown, and the show could only take place at the Nuovo di Pisa Theater.

Since then, PRR! has not been performed, and Caracola, the character, has continued her journey living in other stories and with other characters. 




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