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If artist are museum pieces and telecommunication towers are trees, where do dreams live?

A gestural comedy happening in an abandonned theatre between sign language and gestural theatre, through the camera.
In actual development of form and language, as possible to watch on the teaser.


The story:
An old train arrives at a rainy and dark station; a trunk opens in one of the carriages. A travelling performer walks the streets barefoot and pulls the same trunk on wheels until she finds herself looking up at smoke and flames from the attic window of an abandoned theatre. A deaf actor and an old painter live in the doomed building. So it is that the three embark on an adventure that maybe, just maybe might save the theatre from demolition and humanity from itself. Our protagonists are joined by nine quite particular characters, a retired photographeress and a local boy. All play essential roles in The Great Theatre’s uncertain future.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 11.35_edite

A time travellers story and meeting between worlds.

Longmétrage réalisé par le Kollectif Revange en avril 2021 à Gothenbourg, Suède, à l'île de Hono et dans un ancien cinéma appelé KAPAREN.

Une production de GAO (Goteborgs Alternativa Orchestra) en collaboration avec Isabel Lagos.

Actuellement en édition.

Sortie en 2024

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