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Corporeal dramatic mime
corporal dramatic mime_edited.jpg

A physical rehearsal proposition destinated to people dedicated to scenic arts: actors, clowns, acrobats, dancers, puppeteers, jugglers...

A deep and subtle work about  presence on stage, dynamorythms, corporal segmentation, muscular comedy ant the construction of a gestural partition.


foto mimo 3_edited.jpg
Acrobatical theater & with object

The ways of abording the stage in its different levels, and the body by its possible dimensions at the inside.

Proposal of developping the research with an object as partner.

krilo s nov 20 lab II_edited.jpg
Organic movement in the air

Looking for the ' organical ', 'intuitiv', movement, and working through dynamorythmes on aerial elements.

Another approach and way of developping aerial acrobatics.

Example of a corporeal dramatic mime composition.

Example of a creation with an object as partner.

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