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A proposition for corporal artists to 

corporal dramatic mime.jpg

Corporal Dramatic Mime Technique

A physical rehearsal proposition destinated to people dedicated to corporal arts: actors, clowns, acrobats, dancers, puppeteers, jugglers...

A deep and subtle work about ' presence on stage ', dynamorythms, corporal segmentation, muscular comedy ant the construction of a ' gestual partition ' .

Different propositions on hours and days.

Dossier  by request.

Tuerka, which one your place on the machine  ?

january 2021.

Example of a gestual technic partition.

Acrobatical Theatre & Work with Object

A physical rehearsal destinated to corporal artists and open to an interdisciplinary approach.

A work about presence on stage in its differents dimensions and levels of body in this scenic space.

Possibility of developping the research with an object as partner.

Different propositions on days and hours.

Dossier by request.

krilo s nov 20 lab II.jpg

Movement  on Air


Looking for the ' organical ', 'intuitiv', movement, and working through dynamorythmes on aerial elements.

Another approach and way of developping aerial acrobatics.

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