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 A banal appearance situation, a clown arrives with a suitcase and open it. From this moment borns an intimate situation that invite the public to introspection.


A nature’s ode through earth, branches, leaves and a rope. Caracola purposes a clown mime acrobatically show between essentiality and surrealism.

with Erika Webe

Direction : Jean Ménigault Dit Méningue

Original Music : Andrea Maracci

Duration : 50 minutes.

Public : All public.


Trailer made on november 2020 at Teatro Nuovo di Pisa, by Simone Tognarelli.

Complet Video, by request.

' PRR! on Photographies ' and Video, by Juan Carlos Poblete.

August 2019, Gothenbourg Fringe Festival, Sweden.

                                                                                                              Complet Video of the show ( by request )                     


    . An aerial show without aerial structure .

Beginning :

CARA A CARA is PRR! on it first period, on  october 2018.

Video made by Anna Lugnani at Casale Maritimo Theater, Tuscany, Italy .

CARA A CARA born in the autumn of 2018 in Tuscany, Italy, at Theatre Art Montevaso, and together with Jean Méningue as director.

Caracola is for me a metamorphosis, my way of expressing myself to the world, talking through a body and without linguistics borders.


In the eternal research of "the simplicity of an extra-ordinary situation" born a new creation: PRR! Starting from the principle: "We are all earth".

A root’s journey to invite the public to wake up it’s senses and rediscover their essence.

And why? Because it is necessary to give us a "time other" to remember who we are in the deepest of ourselves.

In winter the creation continuous, to the detail , and as a Co-Production between the Association ' Teatro del Sottosuolo ' ( Sardinia ) and ' ' Espuma ' ( France ).

In spring two news ' Artisticals Collaborations ' were born : the creation of the ' Leave - Mask ' with Giovanni Balzaretti at ' La Bottega delle Maschere ', at Livorno, Italy, and the creation of show's Musics together with Andrea Maracci at ' Progetto Slip Torino ' .

At the beginning of the summer, a next Residence.

In july, a first ' European Tour ' :

  - Girando en Caracola 2019-

- 22 juin at ‘Artnight ’, Venice, Italy.

-30 juin at ‘Peuples Liées’, Poet Laval, France.

-5 & 6 july at ‘Recanati Art Festival’, Recanati, Italy.

-17 & 18 august àt ‘Kultur auf der Straße’, Germany.

- 22 - 24 august at ‘Kulturkalas‘, Gothenbourg, Sweden.

- 28 august - 1st september at ‘Gothenbourg Fringe Festival’, Sweden.

- 6 - 8 september at ‘ Frivolus ‘, Sloveny.


- 2020 Tour, cancelled...

- 2021 preparing, new dates soon *



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