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Street theater, public as accomplice, space as actor.

-A street art performance- 

CARAmVA is a pluridisciplinarity show combinating clown, music, mime and contemporanean circus.

In this occasion Caracola arrives with her suitcase, partner of adventures around the streets of world. An absurd game between her and her baggage, discovering her clarinet and playing with, purposing an improvised concert where the public will become the orchestra.

From this trio will born a poetical moment suspended in time where the spectators will take part through the adventure. Means of expression would be mainly physical and musical allowing everybody to talk and share a same surrealistic language. 


A disjointed border.

Half an hour in life… CARAmVA !

Photos made at french Comedy's Theatre Place, Paris 2020 by Marc Le Clanche, for 'What to do at Paris', where the project has been selected.

Video made by Piscoman,  october 2019 at Paris.

First Photographies of an european summer, in the tour "Girando en Caracola 2019".

Beginning : 


CARAmVA is born as a street experiment at Lyon and Torino on may 2019.

The challenge is to play, be in present, and take everything on a suitcase.

Wanting to surprise the public that is going on at that moment on that place:

What is happening?

Who is that 'being'?


It is an invitation to the present, to wake up on people the desire of taking part of an unexpected situation.



The show has been on continuous creation during the last summer among the european tour 'Girando en Caracola 2019'.

In july, it has been presented on Sardinia and Toscany, Italy.

In august, it takes part of its firsts festivals as street art performance, at 'Kultur auf der Strasse' in Germany, and 'Frivolous' in Slovenia.


A first period that only gives wantings to continue. The game goes on, people have, and need, this desire of believing. And at every place, together with a public, an orchestra plays an improvised concert.



' CARAmVA between wall stories ' , with Federico Webe a través de la lente, Berlin, august 2019.

CARAmVA is for me ay ay ay,                                            

challenge and meeting.

a little suitcase and a lot of game.

it is construction from improvisation.

wanting and hearing.

is watching the others and asking for myself why are they there,

what is happening,

what of this 'being' wakes them up,

what is inviting them to want.

CARAmVA es CARA que VA m over here, m over there .

a street experiment, una frontera desarticulada.

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